What to do when you're bored on a Friday night...

Stay inside! Download Tinder. Just go with it. 


I've always been interested in the hook up culture in college. Some would argue that such doesn't exist because everyone's having sex and always has. Real talk now. It exists and it's different from 1988. Technology - whether it's pornographic movies or social media - facilitates the learning about and having sex readily available. I won't get up on my technological soap box and write about how women should be reflective in their sexual relationships especially if everyone is doing it. However, I'd like for us to be aware that the means which allow us to connect with others.

Individual case study: TINDER. It is a location-based social discovery app, which facilitate communication through messages between mutually interested users. Did you know it started at a USC party?! So telling.

I spoke on a panel once about sexual health and awareness in college. And while I'm a year removed from the epicenter of the sexual activity hub, I know that women still feel compelled to keep up with the practices and expectations of their counterparts. Men don't want to be tied so women follow lead. Hooking up is a social phenomena and from personal experience and anecdotes, heterosexual women conform to these practices over and over again consequently because they have found that it's the only way to connect with heterosexual men at an intimate level. As in, guys aren't asking gals on dates anymore. It's become such common practice that people aren't really being all that thoughtful, intentional, and reflective about it.

This Tinder app - it's new, catchy, and it's changing the pace of the game. It's making it faster than the meeting someone at a party or bar to hook up. It's easier and more accessible to have casual sexual relationships therefore making it a little bit harder to find people who want to be in monogamous relationships. Tinder depersonalizes the process by allowing uses to remain anonymous and still check out the prospects!

I know I'm making a lot of assumptions here. For example, that people on Tinder are looking for attractive, maybe people with the same interests (long shot) to hook up with. Yes, there are some users who are looking to just make friends or potentially date, but let's be real, that's a small percentage. It's the same social script that exists in going to parties and bars but on a technological, impersonal, almost anonymous level.

If you and this other Tinder user both swipe right, you're interested each other - as in you like the way the other looks in their photos. You do the same thing at bar or party - you're eye-ing the prospects. If you really like what you see, you might send them a message. Party scene: say hello or dance with them (start grinding on them without permission!). So, begins the flirting, the "what are you up tos", the wanna hang out invitation to something more. What makes Tinder interesting is that you don't have to be drunk to initiate the hook. When we talk about college hook up culture, alcohol consumption is a central competent of the formula.

You can be using Tinder on a work day and can plan to meet up with someone else later that day. You can be bored on a Friday night, start Tindering, and your night that contained no plans can lead to one of the best hook ups you've ever had...or worst.

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Yaya's Pick for Best Dressed @ the Oscars 2014

  1. Charlize Theron in Dior
  2. Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen
  3. Cate Blanchett in Armani
  4. Chrissy Teigen in Monque Lhullier
I took a style questtionare with JewelMint a few weeks ago and was described as a "True Lady" for my classy and timeless taste. I think that rings true with my #Oscars2014 best dressed picks!
 I love the simple but elegant gowns of Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock. My favorite part about fashion is how we can be innovative and creative but still presentable. I admire that stylists and designers can come up with fashion that's so out-of-this-world-Iwould-never-have-imagined-that-someone-could-wear-something-like-that. It can be good and bad. Think Lady Gaga meat costume (that's bad by the way). And then there's the no-frills, straightforward, effortless creations that still still leave us in awe and admiration. I think THAT is creativity.
That's not to say I don't like frills, glitter, and pizazz! For example, I imagine if an angel were to come down from heaven, she would look and dress like Cate Blanchett in Armani. What I appreciate about this design second to the exquisite details of sequins is that it's consistent. It's not trying too hard but still packs in a whole lot of punch, if you know what I mean. Maybe not. You know how there are some dresses or outfits out there that try to do everything - all the colors of the rainbow; fold here - fold there; one arm covered the other not; and slit here to show the legs but cover all of THIS up all in one dress on one person. Or maybe something more simple like Lady Gaga (again) in her Muppet outfit - it was scary and funny and concerning. Too much. But I digress. Chrissy Teigen's dress exemplifies innovation (re:pockets for cell phone) and class  (black back grounded bell shaped dress w/ just enough feminine colors and flowers!). 

#Oscars2014 was everything I could have asked for - fashion, entertainment; competition and camaraderie, and of course, sdip-pips, I mean slip-ups!


What to say when winter and your face just don't get along...

GlamGlow Me!

I appreciate a healthy looking face - not because of societal and media expectations but because I want to take care of myself. So, when I was plagued with dry skin like I have never experienced before, I desperately wanted to figure out what was happening and how to fix it. I think the cause was partly due to the dry weather and using my Clarisonic with the sensitive brush twice a day. I recently switched to delicate and using it in the evenings. This was not the complete solution. So there I was going back and forth to the bathroom freaking frustrated because no matter how much I moisturized my skin, my makeup would break and flake creating the most unflattering look!

I sampled both GlamGlow, by happenstance because I thought I was getting the glam glow mud mask, and the Boscia overnight mask. Can you guess which one I chose? By the time I used this there were pesky dry patches on my cheeks, chin, and nose where my makeup would either crack or become annoyingly cakey! It didn't seem to matter what kind of product I used - from something light as my NARS tinted moisturizer to moisturizing specific Tarte's Maracuja Miracle Foundation, my face could not catch a break! I masked my face with two layers of GlamGlow overnight and the next day my makeup stayed flawless and hydrated until around 8pm. 12 hours! The Maracuja foundation probably helped out with that. I used it again last night, heavily on my nose since it was still dry and wiped it off before going to bed and ...verdict at 2 in the afternoon today - moisturized and squeaky clean!


At $69 a pop...more than this gal could afford, I truly believe it was worth investing in! I'm not a cosmetologist or advertiser - just a girl with face problems sharing it with my fellow skin anxious amigas!